Why Did Japan Just Ratify The TPP?

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership can’t go into effect without U.S. approval, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has acknowledged. Yet despite president-elect Trump’s promise to withdraw from the agreement — Friday Japan’s parliament voted to approve it. An anonymous reader quotes the Business Times.
Was last Friday’s vote simply a Quixotic tribute to a dying cause or — as some are asking — does Mr. Abe know something that others don’t? They note that he is the only foreign leader to have met with the anointed heir to the U.S. presidency since the election result was announced. What went on in New York’s Trump Tower during that “informal” meeting is unknown but some speculate that there may have been some equally informal — but nonetheless significant — dealmaking between the two men on the TPP. This seems quite possible, analysts say, because the TPP is of great importance to Japan and to Mr. Abe’s grand design for Japan to remain a pivotal Asia-Pacific power.

The EFF has decried “the intense push to ram Internet issues into international law through the TPP,” and complained Friday that Japan’s newly-passed law “includes the extension of Japan’s copyright term from 50 to 70 years after the death of the author, which makes today a very sad day for Japan’s public domain.”

And in addition, “There remains a risk that other TPP countries such as Singapore — and even countries that weren’t part of the original deal, such as Taiwan — will soon also bring their domestic legislation into conformity with the requirements of this dead agreement.”

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