Update on my mobile situation

Well if you read my comments last week on my farcical episode with TMobile, I did as I promised and voted with my feet.

Popped into 6 mobile stores on Saturday and the only one to show an interest in helping me out was Three and Phones4U.

Vodafone – did not bother to approach me to see even though we were in the shop 5 mins
Orange – just did not seem interested
Carphone Warehouse – Completely disinterested – apparently since the sales people have lost their incentive, commissions on new sales they have stood right back.
Phones4U – tried their best but the guy was a waste of time
O2 – no interest shown at all but they were poorly staffed

I explained what I wanted, told them we have two mobiles and are paying around £70 per month and wanted to reduce them but have more facilities i.e. browsing, maps etc

I ended up getting a Nokia E71 and the wife picked up a Nokia 6220 – both for £45 per month!!!!!! including internet, msn, maps, gps etc etc etc

Got my PAC code from a disgruntled TMobile retentions guy yesterday and the port will go over on Wed this week.

Excellent service from three, no pressure at all, they spent around an hour with us talking through all the options making sure it was exactly what we wanted and we saved a fortune as well

Nice to see excellent customer service for a change, shame more people don’t learn from it.

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