Need a new mobile, don't bother with T-Mobile, they just dont' care!

Rant alert – my current contract with T-Mobile (UK) is now up, 18 months on from when I signed up.

I was on the Flex 35 package which cost £35/month. I’m now looking to upgrade to the new LG Renoir phone with internet etc

Anyway I took a look on their website to see what deals new customers can get:
* FREE phone
* FREE mobile internet (worth £5 / month)
* PLUS EXTRA 10% OFF only when you buy online
* 1000 mins or 2000 texts or any mix per month
* All for just £31.50 / month

SO I thought i’d give them a call to see what they could offer to keep me. Well I told them which phone I wanted and that I would like to reduce my monthly costs

She came back with the deal of the century – a massive £1 off my current bill!!! Yes £1 which would reduce my bill to £34 per month and no extras like mobile internet, 8 gig card etc

I told her that was ridiculous as I could go on as a new customer and get a far better deal online – she replied with let me check (which she did) and promptly came back with the phrase “as it’s on the website, I can match that deal”!!!

My reply was simple, you have a regularly paying customer, been with you for 18 months so I would expect you to better that to retain my business rather than try and rip me off in the first place.

I promptly advised her that I would be porting out to another supplier, look very good at the moment so will be popping over there this weekend.

Stay away from T-Mobile, they obviously do not care about retaining business!

Rant over

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