Muting audio channels using Mixer Control API

I recently had a problem on a job where no matter what we did, we could not control the left/right balance programmatically on two specific PC’s. We tried using various methods: Windows Media player API DirectSound APi WinMM.dll Praying None…

URL Rewriting in using URLRewriter

One way to get yourselves rated better in the search engines is to get rid of the basic aspx page and replace it with something much more descriptive so this article goes on how to use URLrewriting in your project.

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET (

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET Here is the syntax for programmatically adding META tags to an ASP.NET 2.0 page. HtmlMeta metaDesc = new HtmlMeta(); metaDesc.Name = “description”; metaDesc.Content = “Tips on roasting coffee at home”; Page.Header.Controls.Add(metaDesc); HtmlMeta metaKey…

Keep in touch with your networking peers – make networking work for you

Some people aren’t natural networkers. You might be quite introverted or perhaps you have some deep misgivings about the concept of “networking” (maybe it seems fake to you, and you think it’ll mean “using” people). No matter, you can still keep up friendships and make new contacts – without having to resort to some the tactics some would call “sleazy marketing”.