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A campaign calling for the immediate death of Internet Explorer 6 is picking up pace, with a host of developers castigating the browser that ‘hindered the development of the web’.

.net magazine is supporting a campaign to rid the world of IE6 – a browser that is still being used by a large proportion of people – asking the industry if the time has come for sites to no longer support IE6.

The magazine – a Future publication just like TechRadar – is hoping that Microsoft will port IE7 and IE8 to Windows 2000 allowing thousands of users to upgrade.


“Clearly, IE7 can’t be shunned: not supporting the current version of Microsoft’s market-leading browser would be a crazy move. However, with its predecessor now approaching its eighth birthday – positively ancient in software terms – should designers now ignore it until it fades away?” asks .net.

“That’s a really attractive thought,” Kleber’s Tom Muller answers, “but when a fifth or more of the audience still uses IE6, we can’t just drop it.”

It’s a valid point, and will be repeated by web designers the world over if they considered dropping support for the notorious IE6, but .net‘s editor Dan Oliver insists that the time has come for the plug to be pulled.

Developers issue death warrant for IE6 | News | TechRadar UK.

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