Need a new mobile, don't bother with T-Mobile, they just dont' care!

Rant alert – my current contract with T-Mobile (UK) is now up, 18 months on from when I signed up.

I was on the Flex 35 package which cost £35/month. I’m now looking to upgrade to the new LG Renoir phone with internet etc

Anyway I took a look on their website to see what deals new customers can get:
* FREE phone
* FREE mobile internet (worth £5 / month)
* PLUS EXTRA 10% OFF only when you buy online
* 1000 mins or 2000 texts or any mix per month
* All for just £31.50 / month

SO I thought i’d give them a call to see what they could offer to keep me. Well I told them which phone I wanted and that I would like to reduce my monthly costs

She came back with the deal of the century – a massive £1 off my current bill!!! Yes £1 which would reduce my bill to £34 per month and no extras like mobile internet, 8 gig card etc

I told her that was ridiculous as I could go on as a new customer and get a far better deal online – she replied with let me check (which she did) and promptly came back with the phrase “as it’s on the website, I can match that deal”!!!

My reply was simple, you have a regularly paying customer, been with you for 18 months so I would expect you to better that to retain my business rather than try and rip me off in the first place.

I promptly advised her that I would be porting out to another supplier, look very good at the moment so will be popping over there this weekend.

Stay away from T-Mobile, they obviously do not care about retaining business!

Rant over

Quake Live launching in open beta | News | TechRadar UK

Quake Live – can’t wait to play this….

Eagerly awaited online shooter Quake Live goes into open Beta today, with the ad-supported game likely to quickly pick up a fan base.

The game formerly known as Quake Zero is id software’s and uses the id Tech 3 engine, but it is likely to be speed of gameplay rather than graphics that are the focus of this first person shooter.

Somewhat excitingly, the free game is expected to take advantage of advertising, and with the reputation of Quake, John Carmack and id among serious gamers, could help create a whole new model for games playing.

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Developers issue death warrant for IE6 | News | TechRadar UK

A campaign calling for the immediate death of Internet Explorer 6 is picking up pace, with a host of developers castigating the browser that ‘hindered the development of the web’.

.net magazine is supporting a campaign to rid the world of IE6 – a browser that is still being used by a large proportion of people – asking the industry if the time has come for sites to no longer support IE6.

The magazine – a Future publication just like TechRadar – is hoping that Microsoft will port IE7 and IE8 to Windows 2000 allowing thousands of users to upgrade.


“Clearly, IE7 can’t be shunned: not supporting the current version of Microsoft’s market-leading browser would be a crazy move. However, with its predecessor now approaching its eighth birthday – positively ancient in software terms – should designers now ignore it until it fades away?” asks .net.

“That’s a really attractive thought,” Kleber’s Tom Muller answers, “but when a fifth or more of the audience still uses IE6, we can’t just drop it.”

It’s a valid point, and will be repeated by web designers the world over if they considered dropping support for the notorious IE6, but .net‘s editor Dan Oliver insists that the time has come for the plug to be pulled.

Developers issue death warrant for IE6 | News | TechRadar UK.

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET (

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET

Here is the syntax for programmatically adding META tags to an ASP.NET 2.0 page.

HtmlMeta metaDesc = new HtmlMeta();

metaDesc.Name = “description”;

metaDesc.Content = “Tips on roasting coffee at home”;


HtmlMeta metaKey = new HtmlMeta();

metaKey.Name = “keywords”;

metaKey.Content = “roast, coffee, home, tips”;


ASP.NET will render the above code to valid XHTML META tags.

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