WSJ: There's An 'Inexorable' Trend Towards Working Remotely

The Wall Street Journal reports that the trend towards remote working “is inexorable” in America’s labor force, with 43% of workers now doing at least some of their work from home (up from 39% in 2012), and 20% now working entirely from home (up from 15%). An anonymous reader writes:
Besides lowering an employer’s rent, telecommuting also makes employees happier, which helps with both recruiting and retention according to the Journal. Automattic, maker of WordPress, is able to have an almost entirely remote workforce of 558 employees spread across more than 50 countries. But it depends on getting the right set of tools. Automattic uses Slack for conversations, Zoom for videoconferences, “and its own internal system of threaded conversations for documenting everyone’s work and for major decisions.” One of the company’s “happiness engineers” even says online communicaton has created “radical transparency,” since it’s possible to read and search through internal communcations. Just remember that not every job can work remotely, according to Dell’s chief human resources officer. “Engineering, leadership, R&D, sales and customer support — those are roles that don’t lend themselves very well to remote work.”
It’d be interesting to hear the experiences of Slashdot’s readers. Anyone want to share their own experiences with working remotely — or of working with remote co-workers?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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