Why Amanda Palmer Left the Music 'Industry' For Crowdfunding

Amanda Palmer says abandoning the commercial music industry for a subscription model made it possible to take more chances, like a new album with psychedelia artist Edward Ka-Spel. An anonymous reader quotes Digital Trends:

I spent my whole life in this music industry trying to figure out how to sell what I’m making. But I don’t “sell” anymore — I just have this magical net of supporters who are supporting me whether I choose to make a record with Edward or make a record with my dad, which I did last year… [S]ometimes, you absolutely want to do ridiculous, noncommercial stuff. The Patreon patrons have been a godsend in that sense. I’ve had to continually re-educate myself that this isn’t about selling music. It’s about making music. I got so used to those two being inseparable that it took a lot of psychological work to divorce the processes.
She says her supporters “haven’t just promised; they’ve put down their credit card.” And Neil Gaiman, her husband, also strongly endorses the freedom to experiment. “If, as an artist, you ever listen to your fans’ demands, and their demands are always insisting you make the last thing they liked again, you would go nowhere.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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