While Chrome Dominates, Microsoft Edge Struggles To Attract New Users

An anonymous reader quotes Neowin’s report on the newest browser-usage figures from NetMarketShare:
Microsoft Edge only commands a market share of 5.65% — which is an increase of only 0.02 percentage points compared to last month… it only grew by 0.56% year-over-year. On the other hand, Google Chrome has continued its dominance with a market share of 59.49%. As a point of reference, this is a sizeable growth of 10.84 percentage points year-over-year… Data from another firm, StatCounter, depicts an even more depressing situation for Microsoft. According to the report, Edge sits at 3.89%… Chrome is the king of all browsers according to these statistics as well, with a market share of 63.21% — a decrease of 0.14 percentage points compared to last month. Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari command 14%, 9.28%, and 5.16% respectively.

The firm also calculates that when it comes to desktop operating systems, Windows has 91.51% of all users, followed by MacOS at 6.12 and Linux at 2.36%.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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