What really gets my goat about the latest 'credit crisis'

Is the fact that it’s purely down to greedy banks and corporations trying to get rich and greedy with our money and then when it all goes tits up going back to their £5 million palaces and enjoying the money they have made whilst the likes of normal people like you and me have to work out butts off to stay afloat.

When will people realise that crap governments, poor bankers, shitty sharedealers and most importantly fat cats like oil sheiks, energy bosses etc are the main cause for all this upset and do something about it?

Why the hell should oil production be tapped down just because the price of a barrell has dropped – simply so the sheiks can rip us off with higher prices and line their million pound loos with more gold embossed wallpaper (maybe they use it to wipe their asses as well?)

Why should energy bosses be pulling in close to a million pounds per year and then tell us we need to pay more for gas and electricity – you really are not worth paying even a quarter of what you earn so give some back!

I could go on and on here, maybe I should just call it quits for now but I don’t think i’m alone in my thoughts here!

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