Stopping client side validation and postbacks

A couple of ways to stop client side validation firing, especially when using non controls: Set the onclick event of the image/button etc to be onclick=”return false;” then instead of using the onclick event to fire a method, use…

URL Rewriting in using URLRewriter

One way to get yourselves rated better in the search engines is to get rid of the basic aspx page and replace it with something much more descriptive so this article goes on how to use URLrewriting in your project.

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET (

Add META keywords and Description in ASP.NET Here is the syntax for programmatically adding META tags to an ASP.NET 2.0 page. HtmlMeta metaDesc = new HtmlMeta(); metaDesc.Name = “description”; metaDesc.Content = “Tips on roasting coffee at home”; Page.Header.Controls.Add(metaDesc); HtmlMeta metaKey…

Dotnet Charting

I was looking for some suitable dotnet charting components/code and came across the following three articles. Heres a screenshot of the one i’m using:

Exception Handling the nice way

I’ve knocked up a simple project that demonstrates a few things, namely: Avoiding file locking issues when writing to a logfile using recursion Dealing with Unhandled Exceptions globally Writing this data to a local log file The source code is…