Swarm AI Spectacularly Fails To Predict Kentucky Derby Winners A Second Time

Thursday TechRepublic described the big prediction: In May 2016, a relatively unknown startup called Unanimous A.I. made big headlines when its AI-based platform used collective intelligence to create a prediction for the Kentucky Derby superfecta — the top four horses, in order of finish. It made exactly the right pick, which returned $541.10 on a $1 bet… Churchill Downs took notice last year and decided to collaborate with Unanimous A.I. to create an official AI swarm made up of handicappers and racing analysts to predict the top finishers for this year’s Derby. The track is calling this the “super-expert” Derby pick. On Wednesday, the handicappers logged into Unanimous A.I.’s UNU platform from across the US, and answered a series of questions that gradually narrowed down their picks from the field of 20 horses until they created consensus on the top four picks and the order of finish. Here’s my report on the results…

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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