India To Send Surveyors To Find Out If Everest Shrunk From Nepal Earthquake

OffTheLip writes: Recent scrutiny into the officially recorded height of the world’s tallest mountain will lead to a re-measurement. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015 is being eyed as the reason. India’s surveyor general Swarna Subba Rao said, “We will remeasure it. Two years have passed since the major Nepal earthquake and there’s doubt in the scientific community that it did in fact shrink.” A team will depart once winter passes to take measurements to determine the current height of Everest. “The exercise will require a month of observation and roughly another fortnight for the data to be officially declared,” reports Phys.Org. “The earthquake, Nepal’s deadliest disaster in more than 80 years, is also believed to have shifted the earth beneath the capital Kathmandu several meters to the south.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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