Hyperloop One Announces 11 Possible US Routes, Completes Vegas Test Track

An anonymous reader writes:
Thursday Hyperloop One executives announced that they’ve finished constructing their 1,640-foot-long “DevLoop” test track in the desert outside Las Vegas. But they also revealed possible U.S. routes for their high-speed transportation solution “to initiate a nationwide conversation about the future of American transportation” — five of them suggested by state transportation department officials from Texas, Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Missouri.
Last May the company invited pitches for routes to various cities, and Thursday’s 11 pitches were chosen from 2,600 participants. These 11 pitches will compete with 24 other pitches from around the globe to be one of the three chosen to “work closely with Hyperloop One engineering and business development teams to explore project development and financing.” And Thursday they also announced that “by year’s end the company will have a team of 500 engineers, fabricators, scientists and other employees dedicated to bringing the technology to life.”
Click through for more information, and the list of the 11 U.S. cities being suggested for hyperloop destinations.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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