Facing Layoff, An IT Employee Makes A Bold Counteroffer

ComputerWorld reports:
In early December, Carnival Corp. told about 200 IT employees that the company was transferring their work to Capgemini, a large IT outsourcing firm. The employees had a choice: Either agree to take a job with the contractor or leave without severance. The employees had until the week before Christmas to make a decision about their future with the cruise line. By agreeing to a job with Paris-based Capgemini, employees are guaranteed employment for six months, said Roger Frizzell, a Carnival spokesman. “Our expectation is that many will continue to work on our account or placed into other open positions within Capgemini” that go well beyond the six-month period, he said in an email.

Senior IT engineer Matthew Culver told CBS that the requested “knowledge transfer activities” just meant training their own replacements, and “he isn’t buying any of it,” writes Slashdot reader dcblogs.
“After receiving his offer letter from Capgemini, he sent a counteroffer. It asked for $500,000…and apology letters to all the affected families,” signed by the company’s CEO. In addition, the letter also demanded a $100,000 donation to any charity that provides services to unemployed American workers. “I appreciate your time and attention to this matter, and I sincerely hope that you can fulfill these terms.” And he’s also working directly with a lawyer for an advocacy group that aims to “stop the abuse of H-1B and other foreign worker programs.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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