Debian 9 (Stretch) Will Be Released Today

The Debian Project has been liveblogging today’s release of Debian 9 (Stretch) using the Twitter hashtag #releasingstretch. Some of the announcements:

The oldstable suite (wheezy) has now been renamed to oldoldstableDebian jessie now been renamed to oldstable!The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable!The draft debian-devel-announce post is ready, archive docs are being cleaned up
This release is named after that purple octopus in Toy Story 3, and more tantalizing tidbits of information keep appearing on Debian’s micronews site:

At least 1436 people and 18 teams contributed to Debian in 2017Stretch has 25,357 source packages with 9,808,465 source filesThere were 13 different themes proposed to be the official Debian stretch theme Debian Stretch ships with the free mathematical software SageMath, you can install it with aptDuring the stretch development, 101 contributors became Debian Developers, and 94 more become Debian MaintainersDebian Stretch will ship with the first release of the Debian Astro Pure Blend [for astronomers] Debian Popularity Contest gathers anonymous statistics about Debian packages usage from about 195,000 reports

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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