Creepy Site Claims To Reveal Torrenting Histories

Slashdot reader dryriver writes: The highly invasive and possibly Russian owned and operated website immediately shows [a] bittorent download history for your IP address when you land on it. What’s more, it also [claims to] show the torrenting history of any specific IP address you enter, and also of IP addresses similar to yours, so you can see what others near you — perhaps the nice neighbours in the house next door — have downloaded when they thought nobody was looking…
There is also a nasty little “Track Downloads” feature that lets you send a “trick URL” to somebody else. When they click on the URL — thinking its something cool on Facebook, Twitter or the general internet — THEY see what they URL promised, but YOU get sent their entire torrenting history, including anything embarrassing or otherwise compromising content they may have downloaded in private… The website appears to offer an API, customized download reports and more to interested parties in the hopes of generating big cash from making other people’s torrenting activities public.
It’s not clear whether this site is really revealing the information it claims to — or whether it can filter out the fake IP addresses provided by many downloaders. But putting that aside, it does raise an important question. Is it technologically possible to build a site that tracks and reveals torrenting histories based on IP addresses?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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