A Century of Surveillance: An Interactive Timeline Of FBI Investigations

“Over a century of fear and filing cabinets” at the FBI has been exposed through six years of Freedom of Information Act requests. And now MuckRock founder (and long-time Slashdot reader) v3rgEz writes:

MuckRock recently published its 100th look into historical FBI files, and to celebrate they’ve also compiled a timeline of the FBI’s history. It traces the rise and fall of J. Edgar Hoover as well as some of the Bureau’s more questionable investigations into famous figures ranging from Steve Jobs to Hannah Arendt. Read the timeline, or browse through all of MuckRock’s FBI FOIA work.
The FBI interviewed 29 people about Steve Jobs (after he was appointed to the President’s Export Council in 1991), with several citing his “past drug use,” and several individuals also saying Jobs would “distort reality.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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