Daily Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08

Delving into the deep dark idiosyncrasies of CSS and XHTML on my latest project # Buckarookered after spending the day demolishing wardrobes and fitting new ones, now back to web site designs yey! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Does anyone read this stuff?

Does anyone read this blog or is everyone twittering nowadays – i’ve not gone to it yet but considering, go on convince me? Comments welcome 🙂

Keep in touch with your networking peers – make networking work for you

Some people aren’t natural networkers. You might be quite introverted or perhaps you have some deep misgivings about the concept of “networking” (maybe it seems fake to you, and you think it’ll mean “using” people). No matter, you can still keep up friendships and make new contacts – without having to resort to some the tactics some would call “sleazy marketing”.