News in brief: China tightens Great Firewall; student charged over DDoS attacks; health data posted online
Who was to blame for what looked like a DDoS attack on the AA? That would be … the AA
DHS, FBI Warn of North Korea ‘Hidden Cobra’ Strikes Against US Assets
News in brief: laptop ban could be extended; DDoS hits news sites; Taiwan might block Google DNS
DDoS Attacks Can Cost Businesses Up to $2.5M Per Attack, Report Says
Discovery of 8,800 servers sends warning to Asian cybercriminals
Mirai and Hajime Locked Into IoT Botnet Battle
The Mirai DDoS botnet: Brian Krebs claims to know who wrote it
Protestors urged to try and swamp White House website
Threatpost News Wrap, December 16, 2016

Threatpost News Wrap, December 16, 2016

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week including Yahoo’s latest breach announcement, a DDoS-for-hire crackdown, hackers seeking help with Mirai, and some new Adobe patches.