Are Tesla Crashes Balanced Out By The Lives That They Save?

Friday EE Times shared the story of a Tesla crash that occurred during a test drive. “The salesperson suggested that my friend not brake, letting the system do the work. It didn’t…” One Oregon news site even argues autopiloted Tesla’s may actually have a higher crash rate.

But there’s also been stories about Teslas that have saved lives — like the grateful driver whose Model S slammed on the brakes to prevent a collision with a pedestrian, and another man whose Tesla drove him 20 miles to a hospital after he’d suddenly experienced a pulmonary embolism. (Slate wrote a story about the incident titled “Code is My Co-Pilot”.) Now an anonymous Slashdot reader asks:
How many successes has the autopilot had in saving life and reducing damage to property? What is the ratio of these successes to the very public failures?
I’d be curious to hear what Slashdot readers think. If you add it all up, are self-driving cars keeping us safer — or just making us drive more recklessly?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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